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The design, creation and maintenance of the built environment are among the main challenges of the 21st century. The application of modern computer technology helps to achieve this goal in an ecologically and economically sustainable manner.

The Leonhard Obermeyer Center bundles the exceptionally broad scientific expertise in the field of digital methods for the built environment present at Technische Universität München, ranging from Numerical Methods (Prof. Rank), across Building Information Modeling (Prof. Borrmann), Geospatial Information Modeling (Prof. Kolbe), Architectural Information (Prof. Petzold) to Remote Sensing and Point-cloud Processing (Prof. Stilla). more


3D GeoInfo 2017 in Melbourne: Chair of Geoinformatics gives 4 presentations and wins the Best Paper Award as well as the 2nd Best Paper Award


The Chair of Geoinformatics had a good run at the 12th International Conference 3D GeoInfo 2017 held at the University of Melbourne: The paper on „Estimating Building Age with 3D GIS“ jointly written by Filip Biljecki (TU Delft / National University of Singapore) and Maximilian Sindram (Chair of Geoinformatics, TUM) was awarded as the Best Conference Paper. The Runners-Up to the Best Paper (2nd Place) was awarded to the paper written by Christof Beil and Prof. Kolbe (both Chair of Geoinformatics, TUM) on „CityGML and the Streets of New York - A Proposal for Detailed Street Space Modelling“.

Researcher Kanishk Chaturvedi presented the paper on ”Solar Potential Analysis and Integration of the Time-dependent Simulation Results for Semantic 3D City Models using Dynamizers“, researcher Son H. Nguyen the paper on ”Spatio-Semantic Comparison of Large 3D City Models in CityGML using a Graph Database“, and Prof. Kolbe the joint paper with Christof Beil mentioned above. All three papers were accepted based on the previous successful full paper review and chosen for oral presentation. Post-Doc Ihab Hijazi gave a presentation on „BIM-GIS Integration as Dedicated and Independent Course for Geoinformatics Students: Merits, Challenges, and Ways Forward“. All papers can be downloaded from the ISPRS publication website (ISPRS Annals & Archives) here:



More than 125 scientists and researchers participated in the 3D GeoInfo Conference held under the auspices of the ISPRS. The conference was preceded by the full day FIG workshop on ”BIM and GIS Integration“. Both were held under the joint title “3D Australia 2017“ and were organized by Dr. Mohsen Kalantari and Prof. Abbas Rajabifard from the University of Melbourne.


Improved virtual 3D city model of New York City in CityGML LoD2 available as Open Data

The Chair of Geoinformatics (TUM) presents an improved digital 3D city model of New York City. The generated CityGML compliant LoD2 datasets can be downloaded freely from our project website. While including new building models in LoD2, this city model especially provides detailed representations of the NYC street space. A total of over 500,000 street space objects are represented by integrating 11 thematic object classes such as ‘Roadbeds’, ‘Sidewalks’ or ‘Parking Lots’, all enriched with a variety of semantic information. The 3D model was entirely generated from NYC Open Data integrating more than 30 datasets into one consistent 3D city model. Additionally an ‘Open Source 3D Web Viewer’ is provided, allowing immediate interactive exploration and querying of the 3D model. The video linked below demonstrates the complexity of the city model generated and also includes a ‘3D Web Map Client’ demo.

Link to Youtube Demo Video: Click here

Online LoD2 Web Viewer: Click here

Project Website and Dataset Downloads: Click here

Project TUM-Wiki Page: Click here



LOC is the innovation partner of the BIM World Munich 2016


After its successful launch in Paris in 2015, the BIM World will be coming to Munich this year. The Leonhard Obermeyer Center at Technische Universität München is the “innovation partner” of the two-day congress fair. In cooperation with our partner “Runder Tisch GIS e.V.”, we will present current research projects focusing on ​​digital methods in the scope of AEC and GIS. For LOC-members, there is a 10%-discount on the regular ticket price. The two day conference – with its large exhibition area – will serve to “...demonstrate the benefits and the implementation of digital processes, present essential software, technologies and best practices in BIM and outline the upcoming challenges for working with BIM. (Organizer)

Nevena Perović wins the Top Teaching Trophy 2016

In the course of a festive event on July 15, 2016, LOC researcher Nevena Perović was awarded the Top Teaching Trophy 2016. Every year, the Munich School of Engineering (MSE) hands out the prize for outstanding achievements in the education sector. At the Chair for Computation in Engineering, Nevena Perović holds lectures on partial differential equations. We would like to congratulate her, and we are very happy about the award – which we also see as an acknowledgement of the excellent teaching at the Leonhard Obermeyer Center.

Prof. Uwe Stilla is the first German winner of the Willem Schermerhorn Award

In the course of the XXIII Congress of the ISPRS (International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing) in Prague, Prof. Stilla was awarded the Willem Schermerhorn Award. The award for international activities in the field of photogrammetry, remote sensing, and spatial information science is handed out every four years, since 1988, in the course of the congress. Prof. Uwe Stilla, who is one of the LOC’s founders, is the first award winner from Germany. The ISPRS Congress in Prague is the largest event in the field of photogrammetry, remote sensing, and geoinformation – with 2300 participants from 88 countries and more than 1800 contributions.

Cooperative Partnership at the 20th buildingSMART Forum in Berlin

The Leonhard Obermeyer Center is an official cooperation partner of the 20th buildingSMART Forum in Berlin. Under the title “Digital Excellence Now!”, international speakers will talk about the current status of model-based planning, construction, and operation – and they will give an outlook on the expected digitization trend in this sector. This will involve both classical planning as well as construction work in the fields of building construction and infrastructure planning, as well as new design processes and the aspect of connecting digital building models with the Internet of Things.

A new LOC premium member: NEMETSCHEK SE

As a consequence of the positive experiences the Allplan GmbH made in the course of the research cooperation with the LOC, the parent company NEMETSCHEK SE is now expanding its commitment with a premium membership. “For the Leonhard Obermeyer Center at Technische Universität München, NEMETSCHEK SE will be a very strong partner, with whom we are planning to further develop our common vision of the future of digital methods in the building industry.” (Prof. André Borrmann, LOC spokesman) The Munich-based company is one of the world’s leading software producers in the fields of AEC and media & entertainment. With its brands Allplan, Bluebeam, Crem, DataDesign System, Frilo, Graphisoft, Maxon, Nevaris, Precast, Scia, SDS/2 Design Data, Solibri, and Vectorworks, the parent company NEMETSCHEK SE is well represented on the international market, with many years of experience regarding the development and distribution of software solutions. NEMETSCHEK SE is one of the pioneers in the field of BIM: As early as in the 1980s, Prof. Nemetschek developed the concept of a database-dependent platform, which can be used by all parties involved in the construction process in order to optimize it. Today, NEMETSCHEK SE is one of the leading providers of BIM solutions – such as Allplan, ArchiCAD, DesignData, Solibri, and Vectorworks. Open BIM, a software-independent planning approach, is part of NEMETSCHEK’s corporate strategy.